Women’s craft center

Project Location: Jabal Amman | Amman | Jordan
Area: 2786.80 sqm
Building Type: Civic | Women’s craft center
Materials: Concrete, steel, and glass.
Design Type: Hypothetical Project | University 2010 | Proposal

What if contradiction was a way of expressing what a place really needs rather than assuming it to be an attack or disrespect? What if we empowered the individuality and actually accept it and embrace it? make it a part of us…
so contradiction can be a way of life sometimes …it  teaches us to look at things more deeply and always create thinking alternatives to see a better world where open minds gather together in looking at the world in new perspectives this three floors women’s center aims at helping the local women in Jabal-Amman,
Amman, Jordan to help them as an opportunity to encourage local talents and create A powerful platform for women to create a business in an urban setting.
Creating process in Skecthup… Basic concept, contraction- Displayed by two arches creating a shading element for the public space .

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