Silent nights scare me,
for the white noises are my only solitude,
I fear the hushes of people who see near me,
all the flaws I keep inside my body and attitude.
I sink inside my pillow and close my eyes,
trying to forget that I am living a reality and not a lie,
a dream where my failures and shattered hopes are denied,
a dream where my sad songs are set aside.
Life is a game of dark vs. white, Gold vs. Blue,
life now is a nightmare of who killed what, and who killed who,
life…oh God, what is life, without you I am lost,
without raising my hands to the sky and praying for a cause.
A chill of cold sinks beneath my skin,
I can’t tell anymore if it’s from afar or from within,
the ink on my pen I hold dear and I despise,
for it can’t help those dying souls as I witness their cries.

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