Damn the friendship that make you cry my loved ones,
Damn the love that makes you despair oh dear,
Damn the empathy that makes you lust for attention,
and Damn this Kingdom of lies my God, I wish it will all disappear.
I am walking on thin ice, alone, I feel it so bad,
Untouchable meanings of what was once our strength,
now it’s just numbers and demeanings,
of followers, records, and being insincere,
like, likes, like…
my brain sings all day just for life to get unnoticed, lest forget.
Oh how empty I feel everyday and today.
I cry tears of joy when I watch the young ones,
and then sorrow deeply on how empty they will also be one day,
I’ve wasted so much time thinking,
I’ve wasted so much time in repair,
yes, I’m not sure how to blink it, wink it, sink it…
the world is flashing by so fast beyond my attempts to truly care.

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