Kiss the rare sun goodbye,
and I’ll show you how time passes by,
Summer dance through the night,
Moon and stars, shine so bright,
we were once young and free,
Now I’m crushed by defeat,
time was heavy, time was pain,
and you left me with memory remains,
How could you let me go?
selfish trust is dangerous, now I know,
and I pray the price of being wrong,
I’ll stand tall, I’ll stand alone,
no matter how high you go,
to me you no longer belong,
I loved you once,
now, not very so,
you left like the rare sun, away and far ago,
I’ll build a glass box around me,
I’ll build my glass box and leave,
you turned your back, I’ll never forget,
the sound of your steps fading away,
so I pray your future to shine so bright,
as my shadows grow deeper and darker by the day and night.

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