Oh sweetest friend, it’s time to go home,
home is where the little sparrows go to,
home is where me and you should be,
tell you the gritted teeth are true,
tell you the white hairs are real,
I am sick and tired of all the noises,
I just want you and me to be free.
Ugly capitalist monsters,
money, money, money, money,
I hope they’ll be able to realize their castles of dirt one day,
I hope they actually realize it before it’s too late.
What are we to do with stupid dreams if the end of the tunnel isn’t light,
if we realized it’s a cliff to end it all,
to end the race,
to end eating the soul,
time is money, money is time, and then ?
stop everything, I try to scream,
can anyone else but me actually see this horrible crime ?

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