Forgive me lord for I’m a damn fool,
Forgive me, Forgive me, For..give…..
Is it human to float in blood filled pools,
Is it human to kiss death through the eyes that sleep,
I can’t write, I can’t paint, I can’t ….I can’t …
I look in the mirror and I don’t know who I see,
Fragments of sorrows, my eyes ugly and deep,
Youth was once my every melody,
youth was always my only song,
I got trapped somehow between the fire and the flame,
inside four walls, and another’s throne,
A glass I shattered as I looked from beyond,
My mind staggered, I scream, what have my hands has done?
I broke myself to be free,
I broke myself and still felt empty,
what am I to do now, I’m exhausted,
I wanted to be selfish and this was the price I paid,
to live for one’s self is a sin,
for we were created for greater things,
and so I … cry…again…

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