The heat of July is sad,
I don’t care for summer songs and pretty little poems,
I’ve been blessed with being mad,
I have no affection left for love songs and lovely sonnets.
I turned my heart into stone, once Ice, now it will break into ugly parts of despair,
I can’t move at times, wondering what on earth why anyone should honestly care,
Poems, art, nonsense, everything was once my every beloved pink,
now all I see if fake laughter and stupid smiles, might as well be drained in a sink.
I carry the weight of the world and it ain’t mine,
not sure why I somehow saw myself once, a blessed child in divine,
I’m nothing but flesh, bones, mostly a skeleton in fear,
once alive in my little throne, one day I will be anywhere but here,
I had so much hope, once upon a naive brain of mine,
now I can’t wait for my own ticking clock,
to tell me, oh dear child, you’ve finally seen the end of your time…

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