Drink a glass of colorful poison,
Drink a glass or two
watch the last sunrise with me,
watch the final sky in blue,
you cupped my face as I held your hand up tight,
I saw a tear or two through your eyes,
you kiss me hard so I won’t realize,
What have we done, what have we here,
a sin, not far away from the Sun,
So close, So near,
to watch a day or two pass like a year,
We drowned in Sorrows,
We drowned in Anger,
we watched the death of millions,
we watched the little ones in fear,
They killed our hopes,
they killed our future,
we never gave them a rope
But yet here we are in danger,
I grab a knife and hand you yours,
we are going to the fight,
I kissed your cheeks goodbye,
and raced towards the Sun,
One last fight for you and me,
One last breath of bravery,
One last everything…
in my eyes and your,
we have already won.

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