We were complete together once upon a time,
You were there when I had my mental breakdowns,
You listened to my tears when they cried,
When I collapsed to the ground and couldn’t feel my hear anymore,
And you just stood there, telling me that I was strong enough inside,
Together, I was alive,
Now, a hundred miles away from our friendship not denied,
I thought to you I was worth more than a precious memory,
and every time you ignore my letters,
I can’t help but fall apart and cry,
We were best friends,
I never thought that distance will be the knife that cut our throats in silenced goodbyes,
Maybe to me, I saw you more than you mirrored me to your insides, through your eyes ,
Do you really care when you ask about me,
Or are you just being polite?
If you were someone else I would easily say you used me,
But how can a person who has it all need anything he can’t provide,
You just used me, I guess, to make your world go easily by,
I feel heartbroken yet again,
This time you are the one who cut me on my inside,
Stabbed from behind, I would never do it to you,
I miss us and you can’t hear me,
To you, me being dead or alive is no longer a hard equation to divide,
My distance from you doesn’t seem to affect your balance,
as you live your life on the other side,
So I bravely say to you,
my dearest friend,
This is painfully going to be, my final goodbyes..
I miss us…Goodbye.

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