Mysterious in every shape and form,
eyes hid secrets unknown, colors of storm,
she was his night and day of little miss follow every singly word,
bad or worse, she trusted him and everything, she never missed a chord.
It was hard to doubt him, she always said,
people never understood it with the way he led,
A good leader keeps secrets, she always replied,
no one was sure if it was love or fear denied.
She had no purpose but to follow him in this life,
She begged God to always keep him a purpose by her side,
she mocked those who doubted him, never wrong, she implied,
for he was perfection as perfect one sees the ones he love in his eyes.
One day you’ll regret this, her closest say each and everyday,
but she smirks an answer : you are no where as close as him, come what may…

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