She smiles silently, quietly,
hush little girl, she knows why…
To say what’s inside is all but a big white lie,
Can lies be white she asks herself,
for darkness was once her biggest pride.
Now it’s lost five times a day,
Crying what was twice a love hardest the most.
Stay calm and shut your eyes,
you can’t see what’s beneath those little birds aside.
If you stay down for so long,
maybe one day you’ll be the bird that whistles white lies.
I am strong, I am free,
she screams as she lay down the hills away from any one to see.
Her broken heart asking, why ?
for the cries held inside was her shield against his sugar coated lies.
You never loved me,
he yells at her, as she stares quietly with smiling eyes,
she turns away slowly,
not a single word came out,
for her fear of herself,
would never let her admit,
she will never be the bride by his side.

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