Life in Pink

Pink roses and kisses,
Summer nights and dreams,
the soft light hear the whispers,
over those who are keen,
trust the dragonflies and the crickets,
They know how the seasons come by,
They watch the moonlight rise and withered roses,
The flowers and the stars swiftly pass by,
read me a poem of love and despair,
Show me your eyes, olive green as they were,
touch my crimson cheeks and brush my coy,
overwhelmed by your deep silence and my overjoy,
as we sit over the green hills and meadows,
I was broken from some past painful arrows,
close my eyes, breath in, just breath…
happiness was recently erased from my song and grieve,
be my friend, not my foe, I beg you.
a future of pain I can no longer endure,
don’t ever say goodbye…

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