I am dark with metaphors,
I select them everyday by choice,
do you hear my laugh once more,
In the face of those my spit seems to adore ?
I am angry,
I am free,
never tell me to stand like a tree.
I am a hawk,
I can fly,
everyday I swear I’ll kiss the sky
to whom it may concern I believe,
my last words will be in favor of those I deceive,
I am hungry,
I am tired,
to those I realize I will survive.
Catch my breath,
count to three,
dive and catch a reflection who was once me.
Try to scream,
try to shout,
you know my spirit will always branch out.
I am darkness, watch me be,
I am the nightmare of every fantasy,
its all in my system,
its all in my code,
so go ahead my dear friend,
eat away my dark soul.

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