Community center # 2

Project Location: Wadi Al Hajar | Zarqa’a River| AL Balqa’a | Jordan
Area: 900.00 sqm
Building Type: Civic | Community Center
Materials: Concrete, glass.
Design Type: Hypothetical Project | University 2010 | Proposal

Located in one of the remote areas of Balqa’a, Jordan, the Zarqa’a river was once one of the main water resources for crops and the daily needs for the residents and Jordan at times, nowadays, after years of neglect  and abuse, the river has turned into a small stream of water which was causing an environmental issue to some of the local inhabitants living around it.
A visitor center was considered to be a solution for overcoming the issues caused, and as a way to regenerate the water back to the stream, and create a space for the locals and visitors to help maintain the river’s new  revivability project which was due to be established in the future.
The project was limited to a 1000m2  program, and the basic concept was to create as much open space as possible as to maintain the ingenuity of the site, and make it as transparent as possible for both the locals and visitors to enjoy, and find leisure in .

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