My life was in colors black, grey and brown,
and when my eyes met your blue, grey eyes,
I saw the world in colors yellow, orange and violet,
Imagine that ?
I was a monster in depression,
you were alone, not caring about anything,
reading your book, brushing you hair away from your face,
and I just stood there and stared…
How can anyone be so colorful,
How can anyone love someone so grey,
I didn’t know what I wanted to do,
my heart fluttered,
my heart freaking fluttered,
and I swear I thought my skin turned red and grey,
its been so long, I stared at my skin and cried,
I befriended you, so long as it meant you were by my side,
I really wish you saw me with more than those grey blue eyes,
I smile every time I think of you,
but now and then, I also seem to cry,
How can someone be so colorful,
How can someone love a grey color like mine ?

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