The heroes of my time are clowns,
Welcome to the loud laughs of my generation,
A laughter from the neighbor, I hear vicious sounds,
Welcome to the language of a modern traitor,
he says it all in a tongue of selfless idiotic message of abbreviation,
Classic! he screams, everything is torn to dust,
all the smart ones have ruined it all, he whispers to me,
they faked time saving machines,
they made us trust their soul eating Sovereigns,
Is this heaven or is this hell we ask one another,
but tell me, aren’t we all in the same deep hole ?
My time was precious once upon a reality,
Now I sleep in holes of youth tired of doing nothing at all,
Oh dear God, what have our hands done,
entrusting those masters of hidden masks of deceit hidden and pushed us under the waterfall,
They laugh, and we laugh along, scared and in denial, is this really the answer to it all ?
I wanted peace, fast forward, a few years later,
found it and found the sadness and loneliness of feeling nothing at all.
All I see now is fog,
I wait for it to unravel,
Once laughter was our medicine,
now it scares us, with its sharp teeth of treachery,
for once, please be silent, all we wanted was to have world peace as a goal.
Beyond happiness we look, just to find the tears and depression of the heavy heartbeats of the those who crawl,
No morals, No values, No thoughts or dreams anymore.
call me crazy,
but all I hear is laughter, laughing, laugh,
till those lungs finally leave our ribs to explore.

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