And when you realize the saints won’t let you in,
they see themselves away from your devils within,
you seek help and refuge from God, please push me away from sin,
the saints stare at you with red eyes,
the saints push you away with white heavy beards and lies,
the devils battle seem to pull you towards hell,
but what to do when the saints seem to push you to it as well.
I close my eyes through and through,
I hide my wise heart, once it was my only truth,
Now I’m on the edge of loss between heaven and hell,
when saints are my foes and devils are my friends.
tired I cry my eyes out, what to do,
when the world turned upside down,
all the smiles from their disgusting faces of deceit,
all are blood shot eyes with word stupid they repeat,
I want to reach heaven,
I want to be a saint,
but how can I ask for this,
when the ones I once trusted,
are now cattle in their faith.

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