FUTUWAWA 2016 | Look at the sqaure

Floating Squares, Parade square.

Location : Warsaw, Poland
Competition : FUTUWAWA 2016 | Look at the sqaure

Floating Squares:

Due to the significance of the Palace of Culture and Science, The main concept design was based on the idea of what would appear to be like a floating structure, leaving the palace visible clearly from the eye level of visitors.
Using horizontal elements/planes with materials like Glass, white painted Steel Rods and Mirrors, the structure is meant to be light and playful; leaving the Site (Parade Square) appearing airy and light.

A heavy structure was avoided and horizontal planes were created in able to have a freedom and interesting movement around the square.

The square grid density is affected by the attraction areas in which the activities will be divided around the site, therefor the lesser the activity / functional (such as Libraries, coffee shops, shops…etc) the less we have a structure rising above the ground level.

Main Elements:
Steel rods ( in White)
Mirrors/ highly reflective materials

Main Structure geometry:
Horizontal Squares

Dubai Creek Mosque | Design Competition Entry

Design Brief :
Dubai Creek Harbour occupies the ideal Dubai location. Only 10 minutes’ drive from Downtown
Dubai and 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, residents and visitors alike will have seamless access to two major Dubai roads, Al Khail Road and Ras Al Khor Road.
At the shore of Dubai Creek is the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the few protected urban areas in the world, home to flocks of pink flamingos and 450 other animal species. Residents and visitors will be able to enjoy life in an ideal location close to water and nature in remarkable surroundings.