Church Design Proposal

Building : Religious building, Church
Status : Conceptual project
Year of Design : 2018
Proposed Materials : curved stained glass, concrete.
Concept : Inspired from human ribs
Built up area : –
Maximum height : –
Functions : Two separate praying rooms, semi private alter & circulation space
Number of floors : 1 floor
Style : Contemporary
Proposed city : n/a


Building : Offices 222 street
Status : Conceptual project
Year of Design : 2019
Proposed Materials : Concrete | Steel | Colored Glass
Concept : Inner Crystals Pathway
Maximum height : 60 meters
Maximum Length : 95 meters
Maximum Width : 70 meters
Functions : Multi-functional Office spaces and Retail Ground Floor
Number of floors : 5 -7 floors
Style : Contemporary

Rose Museum // Klein Surface

Building : Rose Museum
Status : Conceptual project
Year of Design : 2019
Proposed Materials : Steel | Colored Glass
Concept : Rose Petal // Klein Surface
Maximum height :30 meters
Maximum Length : 104.8 meters
Maximum Width : 99.5 meters
Functions : Museum
Number of floors : 5
Style : Contemporary
Status: Unbuilt
My Role: Designer

Visitors center and gallery | Iraq Al Amir

Project Location: Iraq Al Amir | Jordan Area: 750.00 sqm Building Type: Civic | Visitors Center Materials: Stone, glass. Design Type: Hypothetical Project | University 2011 | Proposal  Project Program : Multi-purpose hall Restaurant Coffee shop Gallery / exhibition space Reading Hall Library The design was aimed to be as simple as possible, with the focus …

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Bus stop design (Iraq Al Amir-1 )

Located in Iraq Al-amir, Jordan. Qasr al Abed (Al Abed Palace) is considered one of the main heritage sites in Jordan, nevertheless due to reasons, it has been neglected for a period of time, therefor in attempt to revive the area and create a tourist hub lacation to attract more attention to it, a visitor center was proposed to be built in a location near the Qasr/ palace, The main concept for the design was based on site visit observations done in the early weeks of design conceptualization, the concept of protection was created as a basis to guide the building outlines and the bus stop that will be located not far form the Qasr as means of transportation for both the locals and visitors.