Bus stop design (Iraq Al Amir-1 )

Project Location: Iraq al Amir | Jordan
Area: 182.0 sqm
Building Type: Transportation and Infrastructure
Materials: Wood and glass.
Design Type: Hypothetical Project | University 2009 | Proposal

Located in Iraq Al-amir, Jordan. Qasr al Abed (Al Abed Palace) is considered one of the main heritage sites in Jordan, nevertheless due to reasons, it has been neglected for a period of time, therefor in attempt to revive the area and create a tourist hub lacation to attract more attention to it, a visitor center was proposed to be built in a location near the Qasr/ palace, The main concept for the design was based on site visit observations done in the early weeks of design conceptualization, the concept of protection was created as a basis to guide the building outlines and the bus stop that will be located not far form the Qasr as means of transportation for both the locals and visitors.

At first the bus stop was a two curved latticed shells with wood as a basis for the material proposed, due to the importance of how important sustainability as a guide line was to be considered.

The design was aimed to be as simple as possible, with the focus on creating a space which was both functional and aesthetic at the same time.

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