Let me draw a bouquet of flowers to the ones I’ve lost,
I thought we’d end up together, no matter the cost,
I left you a few years behind, so you offer me the worst,
A wedding to another, not mine, my heart broke into pieces,
yet, I pushed myself to toast,
to the bride and *MY* groom, I congratulate you both,
Today I will be your perfect host,
Cheers…I drink to my heart’s death in poison, just to kill how sorry I feel the most.
She looks at you more than I’d ever imagined,
She was my best friend, how heartless one can be,
when she knew I would have left you abandoned,
She took the knife for you and back-stabbed me.
Your Favorite color was blue,
So I wore it in memory,
I wore it in protest,
and I wore it in Armory,
She might today and forever have you,
but forever is a long time test, not an accessory.
Held my tears,
I am strong,
I came here,
I don’t belong.
Just to be one last time near,
I am the one you promised to hold on dear,
The Sky is near, I wish I’d disappear,
don’t tell me to move on,
I hope you remember everything in me,
once I’m gone I pray you regret this decision, so wrong.
It’ll be too late,
I’d rather die, than be the second choice once you move on,
I pray you’ll dream of me,
once I announce, I will no longer be your stupid song,
don’t ever come near me…ever….
I will never, forgive this …. it’s hurts so wrong,

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