Dana Krystle

Architect, Designer & Artist

Headquarters and Office Building

Building : Headquarters and Office Building
Status : Conceptual project
Year of Design : 2020
Proposed Materials : Concrete, steel and glass.
Maximum height : 34 meters per building.
Width : 40 meters per building.
Area : 4173 sqm per building.
Functions : Administration Offices
Number of floors: 6 floors


Forgive me lord for I’m a damn fool,
Forgive me, Forgive me, For..give…..
Is it human to float in blood filled pools,
Is it human to kiss death through the eyes that sleep,


The Kaleidoscope of our colors keep changing,
from blossoming flowers to pebbles of stone,
we used to watch the rain in every moment staining,
our muddy feet and the white winters of our flesh tones,


Tell me that’s the smell of earth after the rain,
Tell me those water drops are not in vain,
If this war doesn’t leave those eaten alive,
peacefully sleeping in blood beds of five.