The rapid fire of transparent lies,
are shown between the fangs of your ugly eyes,
you are deafening with your words and your noise,
hear the ashen screams of my timid ashen voice.
The flawless skin you have took away my breath, once,
and it was chilling how petrified I felt from your touch,
it’s sorrowful and it’s frequent like repetitive months,
and it’s grave, pouring …am I pathetic much ?
Render my emotions, render them free,
I feel archaic, and I feel alone in this,
hear the sounds of the waves in the middle of the sea,
as I lay both my hands and pray for bliss,
Living in destitute, living lost,
all my compelling thoughts are now winning,
hear my constant complaint turn to dust,
as my demons watch, oh how ugly are they grinning.

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