My ghost was soundly sleeping by my side,
as my anxiousness of him waking up, I try to hide,
his magnetic aura of evil mischief scare me,
for he screamed at me just before he slept ..”DARE ME”
It’s excellent and scary in so many ways I can’t explain,
for the fear of my own demons are perceived to be vain,
he discretely follows me around everywhere I go,
and judge all who comes near me, dare I follow,
The instant scare I feel as he walks by my side,
as my anxiousness of him building up, I try to hide,
instead I paint a smile of happy tears, I agree,
for honesty isn’t a luxury in my hand, nor in thee,
I have no one left but my ghost of guilt and past mistakes,
and all who came close to my heart, realized something was horribly fake,
I push with my scary eyes,
I push as far as I can…
as my anxiousness of those memories…turn to a ghost…I
I can’t seem to ban.

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