Work History

Architectural Excursion, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dalian, Beijing, Paris, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Geneva, Zurich….., Visual Architect

• Cities to date : Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dalian, Beijing, Paris, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Geneva, Zurich, Frieburg, Strasbourg, Lubeck, Cologne, Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Zittau, Prague, Maastricht, Magdeburg, Lebereck, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Germersheim, Dessau, Buchenwald, Dressden, Brussels, Liege, Leipzig.
• Travel for research and sketch new concepts in design.
• Understand the history of the place and analyse the different approaches to design.
• Take notes and photographs of contemporary and heritage sites.
• Analyse the design elements used in each building and how it functions as a whole.
• Fill up sketchbooks with notes, design, analysis, and findings.
• Rethink some design approaches and design a development for a conceptual alternative.

International House of Architecture, Abu Dhabi, AE, Junior Architect, Interior Designer

• Research and study new concepts in design.
• Manage the follow-up to all milestones within the approved design plan; conducts final on-site inspections to verify project requirements.
• Apply considerable knowledge of institutional interior design theory and practice.
• oversight for purchasing and interior design work related projects.
• Coordinate and prepares specifications; selection of furnishings, wall and window coverings, decorations and accessories, preparation of paste-ups, layouts, requisitions and bid invitations.
• Coordinate work with engineers, planners, electricians, architects building contractors, administrators, departmental officials, and vendors on purchasing and decorating problems, procurement of goods, and installation of furnishings.
• Assist in the preparation of specifications, paste-ups, layouts,requisitions and bid invitations.

Galaxy Computer Education and Training Institute, Abu Dhabi, Autodesk Instructor I Adobe Instructor

•Tutoring/ mentoring students on Autocaad, Revit, Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator.
•Obtaining materials needed for classes, including texts and other materials.
•Handing out assignments and grade papers.
•Record grades and inform students of their final grades
•Arranging for teaching observations
•Assisting with student conferences
•Corresponding with students on Blackboard or related inter-campus communication system
•Taking attendance and record responses

Emirates Exhibition Services, Abu Dhabi, AE, Creative Designer – Exhibition stands and Interior Designer

•Handle 2-3 projects simultaneously, from the moment the inquiry is received until the stand is constructed and the exhibition is concluded
•Produce 3d visuals and illustrations that depict what the stand would look like in order to get the client’s approval
•Generate 2D drawings after every stand design is confirmed, for both construction and approvals
•Monitor the construction process, and give your feedback/insight as the designer
•Work closely with the marketing team, and assist in handling and submitting technical and commercial proposals
•Meet with different clients in different parts of the UAE
•Complete 1-2 designs weekly at first, however later on, you will be required to produce and complete 3-4 designs weekly
•Occasionally design and develop marketing material
•Communicate and discuss projects with fellow designers

Online Freelancing, Abu Dhabi, AE, Freelancer

Interior Design I Graphic Design I Competition Entries

•interpreting the client’s business needs and developing a concept to suit their purpose;
•estimating the time required to complete the work and providing quotes for clients;
•developing design briefs by gathering information and data through research;
•thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts;
•using innovation to redefine a design brief within the constraints of cost and time;
•presenting finalised ideas and concepts to clients
•working with a wide range of media, including photography and computer-aided design (CAD);
•demonstrating illustrative skills with rough sketches;

Cultech and AI-Salt Municipality HER4DEV, Al Salt, JO, Part time Junior Architect – Heritage Conservation I building grading and analysis

• Creating building heritage assessment forms.
• Updating building condition forms and Grading them according to a system
• Working with the GIS team in updating building data and analysis
• Designing building layout analysis around Al Salt area, Jordan

UR Garden (Landscape Architects), Amman, JO, Part time Junior Architect I Landscape architecture and design

•Preparing digital graphics, refine layouts for residential subdivisions and planning projects
•Creating design development and graphic exhibits
•Completing projects and special assignments as requested

Architeckture Buro Lode, Leipzig, DE, Internship (Architectural design, Interior architecture, green architecture

•Creating three-dimensional building information modeling and two dimensional construction documentation using AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and Sketchup
•Creating multiple design alternative and solutions for Mixed used projects, interior design, and Adaptive reuse of existing buildings
• Designing multiple projects while adopting LEED and sustainable design methods
•Collaborating on design projects, including programming client needs conceptual design, schematic design, and design development

German Jordanian University (GJU), Madaba, JO, Assistant Professor (Land surveying (2009), CAAD LAB(2011)

•Assisting faculty members (approx.60) with classroom instruction, exams, record keeping, and other miscellaneous projects.
•Tutoring/ mentoring students on Autocaad, 3DS max, Adobe Photoshop and architectural visualization
•Obtaining materials needed for classes, including texts and other materials.
•Handing out assignments and grade papers.
•Record grades and inform students of their final grades
•Arranging for teaching observations
•Meeting with students during office hours
•Assisting with student conferences
•Corresponding with students on Blackboard or related inter-campus communication system
•Enforcing laboratory rules
•Taking attendance and record responses

Office for modern buildings (OMB), Amman, JO, Internship (Architectural design , Interior architecture)

•Creating three-dimensional building information modeling and two
•Performing redline changes and revisions
•Assist in the streamlining of the architectural design process from conceptual design through overall completion of projects, redevelopment and interior architecture
•Participate in the architectural design process and develop alternative solutions and presentation graphics used to communicate concepts to the client or for agency approval
•Assist Senior architects in construction drawings of pre-fabricated structure projects, and other modular construction projects involve multi-story residential buildings

Design & Software

Architecture Design
Rhinoceros 3D & Grasshopper 3D 95%
Render Engines
V-Ray Rendering 80%
Graphic Design
Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator 95%
Motion Graphics
Cinema4D 80%
Techincal Drafting
Experimental Videos
Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects 90%


Born in 1989, an Architectural Designer, Artist and Author with a passion for experimental approaches & techniques. A German Jordanian University Graduate with multiple experiences in the field of Landscape Architecture, Heritage Conservation, Exhibition Design and Architecture Design. Her style was defined as Contemporary, Abstract and Uncanny. You will find her work  posted in multiple websites showcasing her Architectural designs, Abstract Paintings, Travel Photography and the occasional Poetry excerpts which she publishes a -collection of- on a yearly basis.
Creator of :
– Islamic architecture by Dxx.
– Digital Architecture Bit Box.
– The mind of Architecture.
– Noises of Architecture (NOA).


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