Month: April 2020


Dancing over the primrose skies,
on the ribbon road of orchids and sighs,
I look out the window sill and stare at my white tea,
overthinking our memoirs and rose flowered dreams,
I can’t write, I can’t write.


Kiss the rare sun goodbye,
and I’ll show you how time passes by,
Summer dance through the night,
Moon and stars, shine so bright,
we were once young and free,
Now I’m crushed by defeat,


To witness the crossfire in motion,
one, two, and three.
Let the black ink explode in all your memories,
Tell me you’re done and I’ll weep,
Tell me you’re song and I’ll come about,


Tied on my tipppy toes flying opposite direction high,
let me dance your little songs without any freight,
rumbled and tumbled my imagination up and down,
for you to leave me wearing my pretty white gown.


We are turning to Venus,
for the shores are kissing volcanoes red,
Fog the sea sleeping underneath us,
the waves are glowing in white flares instead.


Taste the ravine as it swiftly flows,A single soft pillow in the lilac meadows,Comfort a friend, lovely company,Shed the water,Bones filled my mouth to silence,fish fleshed, scales orange and yellow,We love the silent sorrows,Let the wind blow,Hazy the pink,Trust the shine,Flow the ever river flow,Wanderlust divine,So my fleeing soul surfed the shore,And my fear asked …

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