1000 DAYS

I want a thousand days from you,
for my hours and nights are drowning,
I’m compelled to end my breaths, I can’t seem to get through,
But the sound of your laughs keep me spinning,
Roller coaster of life I need every turn,
the thrill and breathless rides in concern,
can’t I swim and dance my body afloat,
somewhere far in a jungle, alone, somewhere remote,
This life is turning me upside down,
inside out, away, far, sad, blue,
I can’t ..; I just can’t stay still,
you are my only hope, my only muse,
hanging roses, colorful in cheers and hues,
don’t run away, take my hand today and what’s left,
Lately I’ve been hearing politics and the news,
for it seems bleak and scary for what secretes are kept,
so…one thousand days is all I ask from you…

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